Science/Social Studies


Our Science program features Delta Education Preschool Discovery Kits. We love these kits because they allow students to think, hypothesize, explore, conduct hands-on activities, and have fun! In our “Body and Senses” Discovery Kit, students describe their bodies from head to toe, inside and out, using pictures, words, songs, and actions. They examine fingerprints, construct skeletons, and listen to their hearts and lungs. Using different measures, they investigate body growth and experiment with body movement. Children use the five senses to observe and explore.


Social Studies

Our Social Studies program helps children understand people and how they relate to others and the world around them. Students develop a heightened sense of themselves, their families, and their communities. Our curriculum lets students explore the world around them with units such as:

-Magnificent Me (Students learn all about their wonderful qualities and what make them unique)

-My Family (What is a family? How are some families the same? Different?)

-My Neighborhood (Students learn their address, street name, street signs, create maps, etc.)